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Salaat(Prayer) الصلوة
  • Introduction to Salaat (Prayer)

  • Wadu (Ablution)
    Istinjaa, Tayammum, Masah on Khuf

  • The conditions of Salaat
    The mandatory Fardh, Necessary Waajib, Sunah and Optional Nafl. This also includes the times of Prayer

  • Salaat Procedure
    For men and women

  • Call to Prayer Adhan

  • The Five daily Prayers
    Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha

  • Other impotent Prayers in Islam
    Jumu`ah Prayer, Eid Prayer, Taraweeh Prayer in Ramadhan, Funeral Prayer Janazah and Prayer of the Traveller Musafir.

  • The Language of the Friday Khutabah
    In substantial number of mosques the Khutbah of Friday is delivered in English or other local language. this article explain the correct Shari'ah position about the language of the Khutbah
    by Mufi Taqi Uthmai.


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