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Introduction to Darul-Uloom-London

Durul-Uloom, London is situated in Chislehurst, Kent, London. The surrounding is very attractive, peaceful and easily commutable from all directions. Its premises comprise of 130 modern rooms in addition to dining hall, assembly hall, and car park with 100 spaces. Total area of the new building is 10 acres.

Darul-Uloom London, England

A Brief History Of Darul-Uloom London.

Darul-Uloom was established in 1989 and was founded by (Hadrat) Mufti Mustafa (Sahib). As a distinguished scholar of Islam he willingly sacrificed his time and effort to help the younger Muslim generation.

With little money and funding Mufti Mustafa ((sahib) bought two properties in forest gate London with the intention of establishing an Islamic institute. This was the first step towards improving the Muslim Ummah (nation) in London. Firstly with the help of Allah and through the support of devoted Muslim parents, within a scope of a year Darul-Uloom attracted 40 young enthusiastic students.

As with the tight financial situation, the students had to also bear hardships and difficulties, but they remained firm on their sincere zeal for knowledge. As a determined person Mufti Mustafa (Sahib) tolerated all ordeals and made an earnest effort to improve Darul-Uloom as a whole.

With in a short period of time Mufti Mustifa (Sahib) collected a sufficient amount of funding to move a step ahead. In early 1994 Mufti Mustafa (Sahib) paid a visit to Co-ed bell hostel. In the outer suburbs of London this small town Chislehurst, was to produce the foundation of the new Darul-Uloom. To achieve this goal was not an easy task. Despite all this, Mufti Mustafa (Sahib) never lost confidence and carried on striving. Once again with the infinite grace of Allah and the great support of local Muslims, the institute was bought.

After several months, in August 1994 the house of knowledge (Darul-Uloom) held its opening ceremony. This also became the first truly established Darul-Uloom in London. All this was achieved by a dedicated handful of individuals, who had devoted their lives, energy, effort and time for one sole purpose, to spread the knowledge of Islam.

Boarding of Darul-Uloom London:

All the 130 modern rooms have standard facilities uniquely in Durul-Uloom including sink with running hot and cold water taps, cupboards and drawers, fully carpeted, bed linen and mattresses provided. Each room is shared by two boys.

Aims and Objectives:

The aim of this institution is to familiarise the young generation with the teaching of the Holy Qur'an and sunnah, so that they can practice ISLAM and serve the 'deen' of 'Allah'. The purpose is to produce great scholars and Hafiz to preserve and transmit the eternal message of 'ALLAH'. The institution helps the children to Islamic identity which is important for the mental, emotional and personal development of each individual student, The institution offers extensive Islamic studies syllabuses and optional languages of Arabic, Urdu and Bengali along with the national curriculum subjects of English, Math's, Information Technology and Science up to GCSE level London board of Examinations.

Teaching and Learning:

The Islamic religious studies include;

  • Hifiz, Memorising Qur'aan by heart in 'Hifiz' class
  • Scholarship in Islamic Theology: This faculty includes the teaching of;
    Arabic Grammar
    Fiqh: (Islamic Jurisprudence)
    Tafseer: (The translation of Qur'aan with full explanation)
    Ahadith: (Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif)
  • Tajweed: Recitation of Qur'aan properly with reference to human organs of speech
  • Aunjuman: How to give speech in supervision of Ulama-e-Kiram.


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The institution has its own GP who visits once a week for medical surgery.


In Ramadan the whole month long vacation: On Eid-uz-Adha two weeks' holidays. In summer one week holiday and one week in October.


(1) in the first week of July (2) in December the annual examination

For National Curriculum Studies termly progressive tests are held to monitor the progress of students achievements and the annual examination in. Classes are reorganised in July each year.

Administrative staff:

Principal: Mufti Mustafa Sahib


Darul-Uloom London,
Foxbury Avenue Off Perry Street,

+44 (0) 208 295 0637

+44 (0) 208 467 0655

Charity Reg. No.
1043 305

If you wish to make to your contribution to the institution please make your cheque payable to Darul-Uloom London


Standing order details

Barclays Bank, Plaistow Branch, London, E13 9PL, England

Sort code. 20 67 88
Account No. 70286605


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