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Islamic History
  • Chronological History of Islam
    Year by year listing of all major events from 1st Hijrah (6th century CE) to present 15th Hijrah (21st century CE) and constantly being updated.

  • Photos of the Muslim world
    This includes pictures of famous and historic places from, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Spain and Pakistan.

  • Islamic and other common era dating systems
    This article discusses the origin of Islamic calendar and the common era CE.

  • Muslims Contribution to Sciences
    An interactive guide to Muslim scientists whose multi-disciplinary contributions sparked the flame of learning and productivity.

  • Cheng Muhammad Ho (Birth.CE. 1371 Demise.CE 1435)
    Zheng He (who was a Muslim), his voyages were the earliest extensive naval expeditions in world History. He took 63 ‘starry rafts’ up to 1500 tons 162 X 66m long with four decks and 255 other smaller ships accompanying 28,000 men and took one his voyages for pilgrimage to Meccah. I have listed Cheng Muhammad Ho, with his biography separate because he is more of a ‘forgotten’ Muslim hero’ rather then a known one.
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