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Glossary of Islamic Terms


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Falah (فلاح)

Success, happiness, well-being.

Fajr (فجر)

Morning, as in the morning prayer. The time of the day when there is light in the horizon before sunrise.

Fanaa (فناء)

Sufi term meaning extinction - to die to this life while alive. Having no existence outside of God. A unity with Allah.

Fard (فرض)

A religious duty, or an obligatory action: like praying 5 times a day.

Fasiq (فاسق)

Anyone who has violated Islamic law; usually refers to one whose character has been corrupted.

Fatwa (فتوى)

Legal opinion from the Islamic Jurisdiction.

Fiqh (فقه)

Islamic Jurisprudence built around the shariah law.

Fi sabil Allah (في سبيل الله)

On the path of Allah; common Islamic expression for military Jihad. Means for the sake of Allah سبحانه التعالئ.

Fitna (فتنة)

Trial or tribulation; also refers to any period of disorder, such as a civil war, or the period of time before the end of the world or any civil strife.

Fitrah (فطرة)

Natural way, Muslims believe every child is born with fitrah.

Furqan (فرقان)

The criterion (of right and wrong, true and false); for example, the Qur'an as furqan.

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