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Glossary of Islamic Terms


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Followers of the Sahabah

Tafsir تفسير

Exegesis, particularly such commentary on the Qur'aan


Impurity; anything worshipped other than Allah, i.e. all the false deities.


Optional, late night prayer

Taharah طهرة

Purification from ritual impurities by means of wudu or ghusl.

Tajwid تجويد

A special manner of reciting the Qur'aan according to prescribed rules of pronunciation and intonation.

Taqlid تقليد

To follow, i.e. following a Madhab one of the orthodox school of religious jurisprudence, school of thought. There are four Sunni school's of thought and one main Shia'at school of thought.
  1. Imam Abu Hnifah (Noman bin Thabit).
  2. Imam Shafi (Muhammad bin Idris)
  3. Imam Anas bin Malik
  4. Imam Ahmed bin Hambal
  5. Shia'at - Imam Jafir Sadiqe

Taqwa تقوة

God fearing men of Allah سبحانه التعالئ, obedient.

Tarawih تراويح

Tarawih prayers are extra prayers in Ramadan after the Isha prayer with 20 Rakat (units).

Tarkib تَرْكِيب

The study of Arabic grammar issued from the Qur'aan.

Tariqa طريقة

A Muslim religious order, particularly a Sufi order.

Tartil ترتيل

Slow and measured (meditative) recitation of the Qur'aan.

Tashkil تشكيل

Vocalization of a text, for example the Qur'aan

Tawbah توبة


Tasawwuf التصوّف


Tawaf تواف

Circumambulating the Ka'bah during Hajj.

Tawheed (توحيد)

Monotheism. First Pillar of Islam.

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