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Glossary of Islamic Terms


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Madhab (مذهب)

School of religious jurisprudence, school of thought. There are four Sunni school's of thought and one main Shia'at school of thought.

  1. Imam Abu Hnifah (Noman bin Thabit).
  2. Imam Shafi (Muhammad bin Idris)
  3. Imam Anas bin Malik
  4. Imam Ahmed bin Hambal
  5. Shia'at - Imam Jafir Sadiqe

Madrasa (مدرسة)

School, university comes from root word درس which means to 'learn' or 'lesson'.

Maghrib (مغرب)

The fourth daily salat prayer just after sun-set.

Mahdi (مهدي)

"Guide". More specifically al-Mahdi (the guide) is a figure who will appear with Prophet Jesusعليه السلام before the end of time, when Allah سبحانه التعالئ allows it, to bring world peace, order and justice, after it has been overcome with injustice and aggression. The Shi'as regard the twelfth Imam as the Mahdi.

Mahram (محرم)

A relative of the opposite gender usually described as a relatives who one can appear before without observing hijab and who one cannot marry.


Though not haram (forbidden), something that is disliked or offensive.

Masha Allah (ما شاء الله)

God has willed it.

Masjid مسجد

Place of prayer; mosque

Makkah (مكّة)

The holiest city to Muslims after Madinah and Jerusalem.

Madinah مدينة

"City"; Medinat-un-Nabi means "the City of the Prophet." or Madianh-tul-Manawarah 'City of Light'.


a niche in the wall of many mosques, indicating the direction of Ka'ba.


A tower built onto a mosque from the top of which the call to prayer is made.

Minbar (منبر)

A pulpit in the mosque where the Imam stands to deliver sermons

Me'raj (المعراج)

The Ascension to the Seven Heavens of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم during the Night Journey See also: isra

Mubah مبح

literally permissible; neither forbidden nor commended. Neutral.

Mufti (مفتى)

An Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law (Shariah), capable of issuing fataawa.

Mujahid (مجاهد)

A fighter for Islam. Plural mujahideen.


A scholar who uses reason for the purpose of forming an opinion or making a ruling on a religious issue.

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