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Glossary of Islamic Terms


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Jahiliya (الجاهليّة)

The time of ignorance before Islam. Describes polytheistic religions.

Jamia (جامعة)

"Gathering"; i.e. a university, a mosque, or more generally, a community or association.

Janaza جنازه


Jannah جنه

Paradise, Heaven, the Garden

Jazakallahu Khayran

"May Allah reward you for the good." Islamic expression of gratitude.

Jihad (جهاد)

struggle. Any earnest striving in the way of Allah, involving personal, physical, intellectual or military effort, for righteousness and against wrong-doing. Fighting to protect Islam from attack or oppression. In such fighting, no woman, child or innocent civilian is to be harmed, and no tree is to be cut down. "Greater Jihad": internal struggle for the soul (nafs) against evil, e.g. to overcome the temptation to sleep when it is time to pray the morning prayer is a greater jihad.

Jinn (جنّ)

An invisible being created of smokeless fire.

Jizya (جزية)

A tax specified in the Qur`aan (9:29) to be paid by non-Muslim males living under Muslim political control.

Jumuah (جمعة)

Friday congregation prayer.

Juz' (جزء)

One of thirty parts of the Qur'aan.

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