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Glossary of Islamic Terms


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Ka'bah كعبة

The cube-shaped buidling i.e in Makkah toward which Muslims pray.

Kafir (كافر)

From the word kafara - "to hide." Those who deliberately hide the truth; unbelievers, truth-concealers; one who is ungrateful.

Khalifa (خليفة)

literally successor; refers to the successor of the prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم , the ruler of the Islamic world.


the speaker at the Friday Muslim prayer, or Jumu'ah prayer


the sermon at Jumu'ah prayer

Kufr (كفر)

In Arabic - ungratefulness and disbelief. Islamically speaking, disbelief in Allah سبحانه التعالئ and denial of the truth.

Kun كن

"Be!" Allah's سبحانه التعالئ command to the universe, 'Be!' and it is.

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